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Paul Tasker's Personal Site. 

In 2013 I decided that my former web host was simply too expensive so I've now switched to where I bought a great, cheap package at much less cost than before.

Now that I've retired from teaching I no longer need all the features of expensive web hosting. I am simply content to have a much reduced web presence which I maintain just for fun essentially.

The Retired Life!

When I was 55 I was able to retire early by applying for actuarially reduced retirement. This essentially means taking a reduced pension from what I would have received at normal retirement age which was 60 in my particular case. 

This wasn't a problem since my wife, Janet also took the same type of retirement shortly after me. This means we have two pensions to draw on. We count our blessings in this regard. I do on a daily basis!

Total Change of Pace

Teaching can be incredibly stressful so getting out provides instant relief from all of that. However, it's not all good news since going out to work gives life a structure, form and definite purpose. Retiring removes all of those and can lead to difficulties adjusting to a much slower pace of life with no imposed structure or deadlines.

I would be telling fibs if I were to suggest that retirement is all beer and skittles!

I do sometimes miss the excitement that working with children can bring.

There can also be a sense of marginalisation once the rigours of work are rememoved. I'm still working on my post-retirement identity!

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